Data Science in 2022

With the dawn of new technologies like Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and many more, data has become very crucial for every industry. Since data has been showing an upward trend in the past years the field of data science has thrived.

 Data science includes data collection, manipulation, analysis, organizing, and management of data which is carried out to find out the patterns and to make logical inferences which eventually leads to better business decisions.

Data scientist helps in finding insights and in making significant business decisions. A data scientist uses skills like mathematics, statistics, and programming to logically arrange the huge data set and post which they successfully find out the solution that aids in achieving business goals. Hence, data science is of key importance in different sectors.

Data science jobs

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs requiring Data Science skills is expected to grow by 27.9 percent by 2026. The demand for data science professionals has increased tremendously which has led to an increase in the number of job openings.

As per the survey 50,000 job opportunities are available in India itself.

Here are the reasons why data science has become the most in-demand job.

Data-Driven World

Most tech giants heavily rely on a data-driven decision-making process. Not only is their entire website optimized by data algorithms and special Coding languages but each webpage needs special tending. 

Organizations around the world are finding it a big challenge to handle the enormous amounts of data at their disposal, and an even bigger challenge is how to manage future datasets that will be exponentially larger.

Lack of resources with the right skill-set

Data Scientist jobs are very well-paid jobs. A candidate with a good amount of experience and exceptional analytical skills can make more than 20 lakhs p.a. in India. Because of the skill gap, companies are ready to pay up to 30 to 50% more than the other technical roles.

Fewer Entry Barricades

The main responsibilities of a Data Science professional are to look at the patterns of the raw data and organize it into trends and patterns that could bring substantial gains for that particular organization.

Some data scientists possess a degree in other areas as well like economics, social science, and business. They are good at managing issues and have a problem-solving attitude. Professionals from different backgrounds can enter the data science field. Usually, data scientists are from the fields such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, natural science, and engineering disciplines. 

Numerous Applications

The data scientist must have expertise in programming languages like Python and R, but these professionals are rare. Companies have realized that machine learning is formidable to attain a competitive advantage over their competitors because it is a new technology and processes information much faster which decreases the time to solve a complex problem. All that process is performed under the supervision of data scientists, therefore; the demand for data science is increasing day by day.

 Data science is applicable in many industries whether it is manufacturing, healthcare, IT, or banking. As data science is useful everywhere ample job opportunities are available. Hence, anyone can make a career in data science irrespective of geographical employment or existing field.

Democratization of Data Scientists

 Organizations whose decisions are driven by data are not only more productive but are also making more money. Hence, the requirement of a data scientist is not restricted to tech giants. Irrespective of the size companies are shifting towards data science. Many startups are ready to pay lucrative salaries to data scientists even at an entry-level.

Data science is growing and is very much in demand and it has a long way to go. The best part is there is no scarcity of opportunities plus it is a highly paid job. You can become a certified Data Scientist in just with the required skill-set with CareerX.Club’s Programs. To know more visit CareerX.Club.