Post Pandemic Impact 

The pandemic has accelerated drastic global changes, the economic fall, the job loss, and the work has been shifted to digital and automated. And the demand for upskilling has now been livening up. 

A large number of students who completed their formal education chew over different career options in India looking for one of the highest paying jobs with decent job satisfaction.

Despite money being the best motivator some of the major factors one must look into while choosing a career includes Growth, Opportunities, Job Satisfaction, Brand, and Security.

Let us have a look at the top 5 career options that have promising growth in 2022.

Top Five Career Options with Promising Growth

1) Data Science

Data science is considered the topmost career option in India because of its numerous opportunities. It offers a salary between 5-12 lakhs to the fresh level certified expert. 

Since 2019, there is a 40% rise in the demand for Data Scientists and it is the best career option with promising growth. Today, everything is data and the science of managing it is precisely needed.

The career Prospects and the significance of Data Science have been growing and have reached the lists of Top promising Professions.

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Machine Learning Experts 

Machine learning engineers use mined data to analyze certain predictions. There is no denying that ML is the best career option in India. 

The average new level ML engineers' salary in India is 6-7 Lakhs, With experience, they earn around 19-25 lakhs per annum.


3)Blockchain Developer

Blockchain recognition got a significant breakthrough when Satoshi Nakamoto, an unidentified engineer published a research paper on the futuristic payment system based on Blockchain- cryptocurrency. 

Apart from cryptocurrency, researchers and industrialists started looking over the use of Blockchain in other domains, and now is used across industries to enhance the system's security, management, and transparency. The average salary for a Blockchain developer is 8-10 lakhs.

 Social media networks are growing and changing with blockchain technology. Technically, the next massive opportunity for decentralization and control for users and companies is personalization.

Blockchain has made a positive impact in different areas such as cybersecurity, the financial sector, and governance. 

There are huge Career Opportunities in this emerging technology and its potential will very likely increase by $7.59 billion by 2024.

 4)Digital Marketing

Irrespective of the reputation and size of the company, promotions of their product stand out to be one of their important jobs. 

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all types of marketing that involve electronic media, and it’s been around since the invention of the radio in 1896. 

With the increase of digital tools and platforms where consider several people engage every day, digital marketing has become the ultimate way of promoting. As a result, all companies hire a large number of digital marketers.

To a large extent automated marketing is the commonly heard term these days. With advanced showcasing, the web has grown in size and scope. 

Some of the digital marketing career options include Content Marketing, Big Data, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, the Internet of things, social media marketers, Marketing Automation, etc. 

The average salary ranges from 4- 18 lakhs from fresh level to experienced.

There are wide range of career opportunitiesthat Digital Marketing offer such as Social Media Manager, Digital marketing Executive etc.


5) Full Stack Software Developer

Usually, Software developers tend to specialize in either front-end or back-end development. Front-end services dictate how the end-user will interact with the product or service, and the back-end refers to how the system will be built and configured.

Full-stack development has become a blooming domain with lots of popularity for developers expanding their portfolio in Database management, front-end, and back-end development.

Full-stack developers work on all facets of development from Front-end to testing. In short, the developer must know the application downright. Full-stack development has become a blooming domain with lots of popularity for developers expanding their portfolio in Database management, front-end, and back-end development. 

A fresh level Full stack developer can earn 3-5 lakhs and with experience, the growth can be from 12-15 lakhs.

Making a career requires a piece of strong basic knowledge. The opportunities for an excellent job with a high salary exist in every sector. With time, skills have become the most requested requirement that makes people suitable for any work.

There are indeed ample career opportunities in Full Stack Development. There will be a 27% higher demand for full-stack developers in financial years. The World Economic Forum states that Full-Stack development is among the top 5 emerging skills by 2025.