Is it really important?

Validating your skills to crack the interviews with a screening of around 10,000 candidates is most important for a student. One of the most common patterns observed which most of the students try to showcase or in other words validate their skills during interviews and i.e. Certificate of completion for the acquired skill with the resume.

Many students fail to succeed in their initial interviews because the focus area of learning is restricted to diving deep into the domain and completing the course to receive a certification of completion.

​Significance of Certificate of Completion​​​​

Did you know, COC can only be issued for a student who has been evaluated? A student cannot be given a COC who has just studied the course and has not been evaluated. Although in our country, we were quick to adapt the business model erupting out of COC, companies started issuing COC on just studying the course without any validations of the acquired skill.

To be more clear about how important a COC is, Let’s understand how a COC is viewed from an employer's point of view. Let’s understand how a COC is viewed from an employer's point of view.

employer POV :

  • The candidate has an interest in the particular domain and doesn't guarantee the passion point for the candidate.
  • The candidate carries knowledge from the same domain and has been certified by the recognized certifying body.
  • The candidate is willing to be a continuous learner

We need to be more adaptable to the changing times. With the emerging technologies, recruiters are more focused to see a candidate deliver an acquired skill during the interview rather than just holding a COC.

A candidate with Excellent skills, who can showcase the skills that are required for the job during the interview is likely to be well accepted by the recruiter rather than a candidate with COC but not able to present the skills.

What factor emphasize the COC?

The Primary factor for a candidate to emphasize or justify is COC is, acquiring a skill and not a Certificate of Completion. Focus hard on the learnings of the course you are enrolled in, and go deep on the fundamentals of the domain. Acquire knowledge that is too small for a COC to validate.

Technically, any skill which you acquire and post completion of the course doesn't undergo any evaluation from an Industry-standard International recognized body, there is no need for a Certificate of completion. If the details like Duration, Level of the course, outcome, projects, etc of the same acquired skills would hold the same importance. Adding to that, candidates' presentation on the required skill.

Learn, Dive deep into the domain rather than focusing on the Certification of Completion. Pay for the quality of the Course not for the Certificate of Completion. Research more about the skills and learning tips before getting yourself involved in a course.