TED Talks

A TED Talk is a video conference site with a wide range of topics from technology, to entertainment, and global issues often presented through storytelling. The first TED Talk happened way back in 1984 when the non-profit company TED held a conference featuring presentations on Technology (T) entertainment (E) and Design (D) and hence the name TED.  

TED Talks happened to be fantastic free resources that could motivate inspire and teach you many new things. They can teach you various things to improve your skills, inspire you with many stories of great leaders that inspire actions, and help in developing your critical thinking, and leadership.  

 TEDTalks for your career

To save you some time finding the best ones, here we are with the five TED Talks that will stimulate your mind and guide you toward your career.  

The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers  

"The Surprising Habits of Original Thinkers" is delivered by organizational psychologist Adam Grant and will certainly inspire you to "think differently".  

This 15min video is a unique insight into the habits that will help you to become more creative. Over the years, he has studied a group of people that he calls the "originals" and has drawn some conclusions. As he puts it, waiting until the last minute to get a project done doesn't give you any time to think creatively. However, on the other end of the scale, working yourself up into a frenzy when trying to complete something early also prevents originality. You have to find the sweet spot in between to find that creative spark.  

 How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break  

Whether you were taking care of a relative, went traveling, or something else, taking that first step back onto the career ladder is hard.   

Sharing her own experiences as a 40-year-old intern, Carol Fishman Cohen talks about the obstacles many faces when returning to work. "How to Get Back to Work After a Career Break" covers what it means to be a "relaunch." She gives examples of people who have successfully done just that and offers advice for those thinking of doing the same. From keeping up with the latest business news to boosting your confidence, there are many valuable nuggets in this talk.  

Be an Opportunity Maker   

In this TED Talk, writer Kare Anderson shares her touching story of how she battled chronic shyness over the years. However, everything changed for her when she started networking and helping the people that she met to embrace their inner talents and skills.  

Anderson talks about how many of us work and spend our free time without ever considering how we can improve our circumstances. She reminds us that we always have a chance to make new opportunities. To do so, we simply need to recall the three common traits of opportunity-makers: they get involved in different sectors, they connect with others and they always seek out common interests with others.   

The Puzzle of Motivation  

It's a conundrum that we've all faced from time to time, and forcing yourself to work when you're simply not feeling it can be a real slog. If you've faced this problem in the past or now, there may be an underlying reason for it. 

In "The Puzzle of Motivation," career analyst Dan Pink suggests that the rewards you get from your manager may not be as effective as they imagine. Whether it's a pay rise, time off, or simply a figurative pat on the back, these benefits might not be pushing you in the right direction  


Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance  

Whilst teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school, Duckworth found that intelligence doesn't always align with success. Making it is all about having the determination to keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles that stand in your way. 

In this inspiring TED Talk, she discusses how we can build grit by adopting a "growth mindset," a theory developed at Stanford University by Carol Dweck. In simple terms, it refers to owning our failures, learning from them, and moving on.