Consistency is a necessary component of success. When the initial steam for a new project wears off, it is difficult to continue forward. If you discipline yourself to be consistent then it will help you follow through with your projects and work.  

For the first two weeks, it's all exciting with your newly found goal aka love, working hard on this newly realized passion every day. But then as soon we face a small roadblock during this journey, we tend to lose the same rhythm and start skipping our daily practice. Another day is skipped, and the whole plan, goal, motivation, and results go for a toss. 

This lack of CONSISTENCY can be very depressing and painful. In this whole process, the only place where we are at utmost consistency is in starting something and then stopping before we get any results.   

When it comes to career prospects and jobs, it is more important about the “How” than the “What” about a Job. How you plan your career, How Consistent you are with your Job, How inclined you are towards a Role, etc. It is not what career you have chosen, that is necessary but how you are executing and living in that particular career that makes a Successful Endeavor.  

Consistency for a Successful Career 

Here are some of the aspects of being consistent that would help in making our career success.  

Accountability & dependability  

Consistency brings accountability & dependability. Humans are not by definition designed to take as order takers and answerable. So at some point in time, we may feel the need for free will in a good course of action. This in a way forms the basis of being an unanswerable, radical thinker as an employee being reluctant to take orders from others making us more craving for independence and professional freedom so far this seems to be a pretty decent Enterprise.  

As we mostly are associated with dependency on our family commitments that we ought to take care of, which would be greatly beneficial when this attitude of consistency generates some qualitative accountability in our carrier.  

Time-the tangible reality of consistency  

Consistency bestows you with an objective goal in terms of time vertical. It is a clear and visible clarity one would have to pursue and associated with some monetary gold set all being purely tangible and measurable. These tangible goals subliminally give the Career aspirant, every objective clarity about their career goal required making the success path more easy and clear.   

Having a clear vision about reaching a certain point in a career plays helps in better clarity in actions right from the next moment.  

Helps in Reaching your Goal  

By consistently dedicating a bit of time to learning the new framework each day, it will have a compound effect later on. Maybe you had experienced one of those moments when the compound effect starts to happen. You consistently work on learning a subject for weeks or months and it is still not clear to you. Things just do not connect and it is still hard to understand.  

When you are going for a long-term goal, something to keep in mind is that the process of trying to reach your goal is more important. This means what you do every day matters more than what you plan to accomplish.  

The reputation of being dependable  

Being consistent in our career brings a positive reputation in the office, family society, and most importantly in our career. For our career to be more successful and to be positive and above all happy enough, it is very important to be a social animal for us to be consistently unique and show that warm dependability to the people that we associate with.    

Consistency is not a perfection  

Consistency is repetition and not perfection. For example, if you consistently deliver code that has only minor bugs, you know you are improving each time. This is because delivering code that functions well is a skill you acquire as you grow as a software developer.