The sought-after career in this digital era

Marketing has always been vital in the world of business for a couple of decades. Since everything has become digital now, pandemics have shown the potential of digital adoption. And hence, digital marketing took its swing not only in Indian Markets but worldwide.

Digital Marketing has become the sought-after career in this digital era. To a large extent automated marketing is the commonly heard term these days. With the advanced showcasing, the web has grown in size and scope. And it’s the advanced Advertisers' duty to advance the organizations on the digital platforms.

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that covers all types of marketing that involve electronic media, and it’s been around since the invention of the radio in 1896. 

Let us look into the wide range of career opportunities that Digital Marketing offer,

Social Media Manager (SMM)

For digital advertising, Social media stages are a gold mine. Millions of users of Online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. These allow advertising to get where the people are. They can be able to communicate with their prospects 

and grow.

A Social Media manager handles the social media channels of a company and develops strategies for marketing and content.

Digital Marketing Executive 

A Digital Marketing Executive develops digital strategies. They monitor and plan the social media presence of the organization. They make Optimised online advertisements to build the brand name.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)

An SEO Specialist helps optimize a website to rank higher in search engine rankings. Keeping track of and improving the position of the brand in a search by a potential customer, is what an SEO manager does. 

The higher your position in a search result, the better. It requires an understanding of search crawlers and algorithms used by Google and other engines. A variety of strategies are necessary to optimize your website or content.

PPC or Search engine marketing specialist

Pay Per Click or Search Engine marketing (SEM) Analysts are responsible for monitoring the website traffic to help with campaign tracking and all other purposes of digital marketing. SEM specialists deal with the Pay Per Click (PPC) or other paid campaigns that run on various media or platforms like Google, and a variety of social media. 

You could specialize in some of these media, like Instagram or LinkedIn, or across multiple media networks such as Google Network that includes their partners.

Content Marketing Specialist 

A content marketing specialist deals with all the digital media channels. Capturing the audience’s attention with blogs and broadcasts.

Any brand needs a lot of content to keep its website look fresh. A content writer or manager must have a plan to stock up on text, images, videos, and ads needed to build a brand. A website or a social media page gets a lot of hits only when the content is regularly updated, Also, the content on a landing page must match what the customer was looking for. Content writers are in great demand.


An analyst essentially measures performance, like how many people clicked on your ad or website, how long they stayed, etc., or what percentage opened your emails. These metrics can be captured by programming web pages to collect data or generate reports. They are critical for judging the effectiveness of campaigns and revising media options.

Digital marketing Analysts monitor online trends, develop a company's strategies by analyzing statistics, and keep the track of company’s performance. They help the team by creating data visualizations and presenting campaign results and insights. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing managers’ job is to manage partnerships with their websites who are paid to promote your brand. Their job could be managing portals and networks mostly called affiliates, and influencers individuals you tie up for promotion.

Digital Marketing is the best course to choose if you want to have a better future. It has got Incredible Growth Prospects with high demands. If you are a person who looks forward to learning new things and likes engaging with people and content, then Digital marketing is the best choice.