Career opportunities in Blockchain

You probably would be living off the grid if you were not aware of blockchain technology. The emergence of Blockchain has taken the world by storm and now it is one of the leaders in revolutionary technologies.

For starters, this technology is designed to store information in a manner that is virtually impossible to add, modify or delete by all other users of the Blockchain. Blockchain aims to decentralize any and every process which is currently centralized.

Blockchain has made a positive impact in different areas such as the financial sector, governance, cybersecurity, etc. Here are some of the career opportunities that enhance the growth in Blockchain technology,

Blockchain Application Development 

Blockchain application developers create software applications with blockchain capability and architecture, known as decentralized apps or dApps. These are not owned by a single person and are secure against cyber attacks. Blockchain application developers are responsible for the front-end development of these dApps. 

Core Blockchain Developer

Core Blockchain developers focus on creating the Blockchain system. They supervise and design the architecture of the blockchain and create the consensus protocol. Core Blockchain developers with expertise are in high demand. With people realizing all the benefits of Blockchain, it has become the most marketable career path.

Blockchain Project Manager

The individual is assigned the responsibility of connecting Blockchain projects to experts who develops blockchain solutions. Blockchain cloud managers need to be skilled with cloud technology.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Quality engineer guarantees that all operations are excellent in the blockchain development environment. They conduct the testing and automation of frameworks. Excellent analyzing skills with communication skills would go a long way.

Blockchain UX designer

The introduction of new architecture in company applications and solutions is a great experience for end-users. A blockchain UX designer shapes a user interface that creates trust and is user-friendly. Blockchain, being included in many industries, its design, as well as the user interface, has become critical.

Blockchain is one of the growing technologies with brilliant career prospects and offers a good package. As per a report published in Economic Times, a Blockchain-skilled individual earns double or triple the

package of a software developer.

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