As per the report, India has 6,214 Engineering and Technology Institutions in which around 2.9 million students are enrolled. Every year on average, 1.5 million students get their degree in engineering, but due to the lack of skill required to perform technical jobs, less than 20 percent get employment in their core domain.

Engineering has become a lucrative career option in India and is sought-after due to its ability to develop innovative technologies and solutions to help people in their daily lives. 

 Engineers have contributed a lot to the development of society, and as such, engineers have made significant contributions to improving our standard of living.

Career Options after Engineering

No matter which field of engineering you graduate from, choosing a career path right after graduation is a crucial step that will decide your future. There are several career options after engineering, but taking the right step for the first time is the key to job success.

The career options after an engineering degree in India vary largely. You need to plan your career so that you can try which career suits you the best and choose the path.

Engineers in India

Approximately, India produces around 15lakhs engineering graduates every year. There are many career options available irrespective of the field as it has diversified, and hence there is a huge growing demand for engineers in India. There are even several competitive exams after B.Tech that engineers can opt for from across various fields and sectors. 

India has established itself as a top engineering destination. From top jobs in tech companies to innovative start-ups addressing global issues, Indian engineers have made a mark on the world stage, making it a lucrative profession. 

Finding the suitable Career Option

Engineering graduates have a glut of career options in India. However; one must find their interests and what they want from careers before deciding on the respective career option. Which, many career assistance tests help you find out the career field that suits you the best of all.

Of such Career tests, Career Quotient, a product of CareerX.The club helps the individual to find their career path that leads to a successful career. This Highly Recommended CQ Test Analyses all the interests of the individual and give accurate results based on the individual’s career requirements and expectations.

Best Career Options for Engineering Graduates

Of all the career Options, CareerX has listed some of the best career options for engineering graduates that help to grow your career gradually and leads you to a successful career.

Here is the list of such best Career Options for Engineering Graduates one must know,

A Job or Internship

As per the latest research report, Engineer graduates are high in Demand in the Job Market. Whether it is in Software, Hardware, or non-Technical, Companies are looking for more engineering Graduates. As the majority of the students join a job secured through their campus placements program or on their own, this is the best choice to wet your feet in the industry.

Few offer Internships which is a great step to your career growth. Helps to gain experience in a particular field before working there. Engineering internships are often found at engineering firms or universities. After graduation, you can also join an internship to strengthen your industry knowledge.

Getting into an IT- Tech Industry

This is one of the best career options at present days. Since Everything is digital in the post-pandemic era, there were many new emerging technologies in the market, and companies are inclined to more such emerging technologies.

Upskilling yourself with the latest technology is the wise way to make a successful career. Here are some of the most in-demand technologies one can upskill with,

  • DevOps Engineer

However; getting into the IT Sector with one good career plan is most important for every individual. That way, you can learn and plan to get a job at ease.

Public Service (Civils & PSUs)

After engineering, you can also choose to enter government-run PSUs and get a good-paying job. The competition level for these jobs is quite high. But it’s worth it in the end. Civil Services is the most opted exam and indeed with greater competition.

Some of the PSUs check your GATE score for recruitment. There are multiple PSUs, and each of them announces the required GATE score for application every year. These jobs offer great pay, and security, and give you a respectable position in society. 


To start on this path, you should first identify a problem and come up with a solution for it. The problem can be in any sector. For budding entrepreneurs, there are many resources like a startup incubator. There are many startup incubators in India, including AngelPrime and CIIE IIMA.

The successes of many engineer entrepreneurs in recent years have inspired the youth.

Higher Studies

One of the most commonly opted career options in India is pursuing Higher studies. Whether it is through GATE to pursue Mtech or master in abroad. 

GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is an exam that tests the comprehensive understanding of undergraduate engineering subjects. With an excellent GATE score, you can enter prestigious engineering colleges (IITs and NITs) for M.Tech. 

Foreign post-graduate Management courses are a great way to get qualified in management. India is a developing country, so there aren’t many opportunities for management positions.