Placement and Training Program

Whether you’re having a dead-end job or an aspirant looking for opportunities, With the emerging technologies and new career trends there is a rapid increase in opportunities and exposure to the IT sector with different technologies.

Landing a job in a technical role will be tough, but gaining experience and getting the right opportunity is vital.

These days, most organizations’ structure is being changed. Whether it is internally or externally the companies have become more dynamic. You must display your adaptive skills to make your career growth easier.

However; many issues are being faced by many of you, the job seekers especially the final year graduate students.

You might not get connected to the ample opportunities around you though you have the required skill-set.You might not be able to meet the company’s requirements or might not be skilled.

To all those career problems CareerX.Club has come up with unique solutions that are student-friendly. 

CareerX has introduced a new program called Placement and Training program which helps you in finding your dream job at ease.’s skill-Test

The best part of this program is its well-informed skill test that measures the individuals' skillset.

The test consists of Quantitative Ability, logical reasoning, Verbal Ability, and Technical Questions to test the students in every aspect. Once the individual score the eligibility mark he/she will be directly connected to Top-notch companies.

Once you take the test, your score with your profile will be directly shared with the top tech companies for recruitment. That way, students will be directly connected to the opportunities at ease. And can easily earn the highest pay tech jobs.

The Placement and Training Program

What if the individual fails to meet the cut-off?

No worries, that’s where the Mission of the Placement and Training Program falls into place.

The Placement and Training program is exclusively planned for the students to get placed with the highest paying jobs. If the individual is failed to score the eligibility mark, he/she will be offered our training programs that help them to upskill with the latest technology trends and sought-after career prospects. 

CareerX will connect them to a mentor who personally monitors them and upgrade their portfolio. Students will be mentored until they get placed in top reputed companies with the highest salary packages.

The perfect companion for your better career!

Book your slot for the test now and make your dream come true with ease. 

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